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The Best Things In Life Are Original

You choose yogurt because you want to have a healthier choice without compromise on a sensory indulgence. Our yogurt is Freshly Made in Singapore right before you walk into our stores. We refuse to use any artificial flavor or coloring as we are convinced that that organic and truly nature ingredients are simply better. Our original yogurt is so fresh and tasty that you can simply have it on its own. Our toppings just power the enjoyment to another level of ecstasy.

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Nutritious Yogurt Delicious Chill

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Free Otrimix Light Meal

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Enjoy this high fibre, low GI light meal packed with Omega-3 and Antioxidants

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There are 101 Reasons to enjoy Flaxseed for its wonderful health benefits. We just want to give you one: we brought it to you for your convenience – top it on your yogurt or mix it in your smooth.

Never Tried Flaxseed before? Ask our Swirler for a Free Topping!

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Enjoy SuperQ Mochi at #yoguru outlets! One of the best combination of our #frozenyogurtt.co/x34JvsNCrB

This is the fresh cherry we use to make PomeFresh 100% Organic Sweet Cherry Juice... t.co/3rCVQqpLs0

Newly harvested sweet cherry. It is as juicy as you can imagine...how great if we have it fresh… t.co/3MROWzQgoD

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