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Way before Froyo (i.e, Frozen Yogurt) shops popping up like satay sticks everywhere in Singapore, Sam Lee concocted and churned his yogurt at home to satisfy his craving for healthier yogurt as he missed his San Francisco Froyo treat after moving from the USA to Singapore.  Sam, an Korean-American and a fusion food lover, soon realised that Singaporean would love his Froyo as more and more people get to know the detrimental effects to health from artificial flavoring & coloring, preservatives and highly refined sugar.  People love to have a sweet & creamy treat but don’t want to have a heavy dose of allergic ingredients and empty calories.

Sam’s creation became Yoguru – the freshly home-made frozen yogurt you can trust and enjoy.   Our first Yoguru boutique is still serving the sporty and the relaxed alike almost after 10 years standing at Kallang Leisure Park.

Today, Yoguru is headed by Ben Chen – one of the pioneers of Singapore’s organic food market. His other food business, PomeFresh Organic is best known for popularize pomegranate juice in Singapore. Ben has worked in the IT industry for decades and still manages his IT business while devote much of his love to advocating healthier eating in Singapore and South East Asia.

His recently published book, “4D-Diet: A Layman’s Guide to Food for Delighting, Digesting, Detoxing and Defusing Towards Greater Health Wellbeing” gives readers a simple &  practical guide to nudge oneself to better health.

By combining his love for good food and healthier eating, Ben Chen carries Yoguru forward with freshness, uncompromised on tastes and quality. It is the Yoguru you are familiar with yet you can feel the zest when you are back to enjoy our yogurt, smoothie and organic drinks.

Come in, leisurely choose your probiotics-filled treats from our boutiques; sit and enjoy it by watching the world go by.