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GIFT Your Family & Friends

Our foods on the menu are truly unique: they are prepared to be delicious, exotic and most importantly, healthier options for your indulgence.  Good things must be shared – with our loved ones and friends.

We make it easy for you to share the goodness of our foods:  just purchase a Gift Card and send to them.  What’s more, the Gift Cards are discounted so that you or the beneficiaries will get more with less spent.

Gift Vouchers can be used at all Yoguru stores for any products unless specifically stated in the store.  Gift vouchers can’t be exchanged for cash.  When using Gift Voucher, please do note that we offer no change in cash if your purchase amount is lower than a single voucher presented.

You can use multiple vouchers in a single purchase.

If your purchase amount is higher than the value of vouchers presented, you can pay the parts not fulfilled by vouchers with cash.