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Organic Juices

Not gaming for friend bacteria?  You can always enjoy a thirst crunching organic juice from us.

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We did not select our drinks randomly.  In fact, we took a long and hard look at all kinds fruits and juices before we put them on our menu.

Here is Why

  • Pomegranate is beamed as the Miracle fruit as legends in various cultures and religions point famed power to it.  Modern sciences have proven that pomegranate is an outstanding antioxidants powerhouse.

  • Antioxidants are substances that cab protect our cells from damages caused by free radicals and oxidation.  In today’s living environment and lifestyle, most of us are bombarded by cell-damaging free radicals – with pollution and stress as two prominent causes.  Free radical induced cell damages are considered high risk factors for cancer and other degenerative diseases. Having more antioxidants rich food is a defense you can put up easily anytime.

  • Have a drink with us and enjoy more antioxidants in your diet.

  • Bilberry is known to be a tonic for our precious vision.  Turn the corner and enter a pharmacy, you will see bilberry capsules on their shelf.

  • Why not enjoy it from a drink instead popping a pill in the morning?

  • Coconut water is certainly the ‘hottest’ drink in town but we are not doing just to catch the hype.  Coconut water is certainly the best liquid for dehydration especially after a walk-out in perpetual tropic climate in Singapore.
  • Our coconut is harvested from farms which are run with environment sustainability and social consciousness on top of delivering better livelihood for the farmers.
  • It is a honest drink we share with the farmers.